Formidable Females in Future Flight with Jo Moses & Andrea Cornell

It was a true privilege to meet with Andrea Cornell in the latest episode of our podcast series, Formidable Females in Future Flight.

Early inspirations are a common thread in the series, we hear about two from Andrea: the Maths teacher who empowered her ‘not to hide’ her strength in this subject, and the family friend who took her to watch aircraft as a young child.

Andrea went on to study engineering through to PhD level, then took a different path, into Management Consulting with McKinsey.

Please tune in to hear about Andrea’s journey into the aerospace & industrials team, and her work today, advising some of the world’s most exciting AAM pioneers as they mature from working with prototypes and ideas, to becoming operational businesses.

Thank you so much Andrea for sharing your incredible story with us.

Please follow us to see future episodes and connect with Jo to discuss this topic further.