Formidable Females in Future Flight


Interview with Ariane Saint Pierre, Hybrid Project Lead at Ascendance Flight Technologies

In our latest episode, Jo Moses is joined by Ariane Saint Pierre, Hybrid Project Lead at Ascendance Flight Technologies, a future flight business located in France. Ariane describes how a love of science guided her towards this career, though following this path has felt counter-intuitive at times, Ariane pursued her dreams and today finds herself in a truly pioneering business that combines her passion for engineering and the environment.

She described the open-minded culture that exists here, it remains a challenge to find an equal number of female engineers, but the inclusive mindset embedded throughout this business enables everyone to feel at home.

A podcast series from Acuity

Acuity Partner, Jo Moses is talking with exceptional female leaders working within the future of aviation and aerospace; our aim is to inspire more women to consider this sector for their own careers. We will be hearing from Engineers as well as leaders across all functions of a business, many of whom have transferred their skills from other industries.

If you’re looking for additional inspiration and ideas, why not take a look at the Women in Aviation, Aerospace and Space Committee of the Royal Aeronautical Society. It’s packed with events and resources, including their mentoring platform, Alta.

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