Formidable Females in Future Flight with Jo Moses & Volocopter

It was a true joy to visit Volocopter’s HQ in Bruchsal, Germany. While there, Acuity Partner, Jo Moses, recorded a special episode of her podcast series, Formidable Females in Future Flight.

She met with Lucie Prinz, Chief People Officer and Arife Aycan Mutlu, Airspace Expert. Originally from Ireland, Lucie began her career working for an investment bank. Aycan was previously an Air Traffic Controller in her native Türkiye.

Please tune in to this exciting episode to learn about how Lucie and Aycan have translated their skills and experience, building exciting lives and careers in this beautiful town, where one of the world’s most pioneering aerospace developers has been born. They describe the individuals who have empowered them along the way, special shout out for Volocopter’s Chair Stefan Klocke, for his voice of reassurance when Lucie stepped up as CPO.

In addition to developing a near-silent, zero emission eVTOL aircraft, Volocopter has also created an environment where everyone belongs. There are 60 nationalities under one roof, and social groups from cycling to learning languages [sometimes karaoke too!] The close proximity of the manufacturing facility and hangar is helpful in terms of both practicality and team building – everyone in the business is reachable to each other. We recorded in the office of the CEO Dirk Hoke, which he very kindly lent to us for the day. Thank you Dirk!

If you’re looking for additional inspiration and ideas, why not take a look at the Women in Aviation, Aerospace and Space Committee of the Royal Aeronautical Society. It’s packed with events and resources, including their mentoring platform, Alta.

Please follow us to see future episodes and connect with Jo to discuss this topic further.