Formidable Females in Future Flight with Julia Chen

We are pleased to share a new edition of our Podcast Series, Formidable Females in Future Flight. Partner Joanne Moses is meeting with women from across the future of aviation and aerospace, to inspire more women to consider this sector for their own career.

In this episode, we are joined by Julia Chen, a Partnerships Lead from Avolon-e in APAC. Avolon is one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing businesses, and Avolon-e is their subsidiary focused on zero emission eVTOL aircraft.

Julia describes how her interest in finance led to a career in aircraft leasing, and how she has balanced raising her family with building her career. Julia shares her perspective on navigating societal expectations, her sources of inspiration, and how she has thrived as a woman in aerospace.

Thank you Julia for sharing your story with us. We hope to inspire you!

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