The Resilient Recruiter podcast with Dave Fleming: How to Grow a Search Firm to 7-Figures in One Year

What is the secret to growing a search firm to 7 figures in one year?

Our very own David Fleming sat down with Mark Whitby from the Resilient Recruiter Podcast to discuss the secrets to growing a successful search firm.

“We need to find brilliant people which make a fundamental difference to an organisation, and if we do that whilst truly engaging and respecting our clients as well as treating them brilliantly along the way, then the growth of the business will look after itself!’

In this podcast, Dave shares how having a set of clear values embedded in each team member plays a vital role in their success. Also, you will hear Dave’s story of resilience and how it influenced the way he leads his team and how it moved him to prioritise taking care of their mental health.

Episode Outline and Highlights

  • [02:04] How Dave got started in recruitment.
  • [08:21] From 3 to 8 people in 8 months: FOUR key factors for rapid growth.
  • [17:23] The role of curiosity in delivering insight and market intelligence to customers.
  • [27:30] Can a young person without extensive commercial experience be successful in executive search?
  • [36:06] Dave talks about Acuity’s values and their impact on performance.
  • [42:22] One of Dave’s greatest achievements as a fee earner.
  • [47:06] Excellent customer experience: bringing value to your clients and helping people without expecting anything in return.
  • [54:27] Discussion on mental health in the recruitment industry. Dave shares his journey.
  • [1:00:03] Acuity’s “Empathy Series”.
  • [1:02:50] What is next for Acuity?